From left to right, Johann Carlos Ramirez Canedo- CIDET, Carolina Tamayo- British Embassy, Gustavo Martinez- Exergy Ltd, Maria Isabel Gaviria Arroyave- EIA, and Santiago Ortega- EIA.

On June 9th 2016, the kick of meeting of the Prosperity Fund Project 2016 “Waste to Energy” was celebrated in Medellin. The purpose of the project is to develop new technologies for waste treatment and energy generation that helps accelerate Colombia’s transitions to a low carbon economy.

The partners in the project presented: the Exergy Metrics methodology, the targeting strategy and development design, and additionally, the project scope, objectives, methodology, and activities to be developed.

Communication channels between the partners and officers from the embassy were discussed, as well as the plan of activities.

The beginning of this project is a considerable step forward for Medellin which would be the first city in Latin-American to build a CHP plant for sustainable energy generation.

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