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The team


Exergy Ltd.

Coventry (United Kingdom)

An engineering and technology provider with expertise across the globe in developing, engineering, constructing and operating projects that contribute to a goal of a low carbon sustainable future. Exergy has a common approach when tackling energy-related problems in its main ideas of expertise: built environment, renewable energy, and sustainable processes.



Medellin (Colombia)

Is an independent and non-profit organization, founded and supported by a large number of companies in the industry, which provides services in order to help companies to develop their innovation capabilities while creating valuable business assets. Promotes and develops innovations to strengthen the sector’s competitiveness at international level as well as economic development, social welfare, and environmental sustainability of the country.


EIA University

Medellin (Colombia)

The EIA University institution offers high quality programs and research in engineering, management and science. For the EIA University, research is considered a key tool for developing innovative processes and increasing Colombia’s competitiveness. In keeping to this ethos, the University EIA develops its research through the implementation of projects, that meet the needs of the country and world with the 5 following research areas: Healthcare technologies, Energy, Natural resources, water, minerals, and biodiversity.